Ruling by the Court

On December 21, the San Miguel County District Court granted the appeal (a.k.a. lawsuit) against the County’s decision to rezone Diamond Ridge. To win an appeal of a Board of County Commissioner’s decision is very significant and deals a big setback to the County-Town plans to develop the parcels. You can download a copy of the court order below or read more information from Last Dollar Collective on the ruling here.

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Legal Case Summary

CRCP 106A Appeal of Rezoning

We asserted the County of San Miguel violated issues of Due Process while conducting this rezoning. 

Result: Court overturned the rezoning 

CRCP 106A Appeal of CH Zone

We assert that the newly created Community Housing Zone code is itself unconstitutional for negating concerns of surrounding residents. 

Result: CH Zone still in place until Appeal

Breach of Contract

Seeking damages from the seller Jack Vickers for breach of numerous contract provisions limiting this property to development of 1 home on 35 acre lots.   

Result: Currently Dismissed until Appeal